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Our Online Memorial Website Features

Remembered.com is a user-friendly social network which lets you create and maintain a free online memorial website for your loved ones. This virtual memorial becomes the focal point of a community of family and friends that keeps your cherished memories alive. The features we offer are designed to reflect your loved one's life and personality while keeping control of sensitive aspects such as privacy, religion, and security.



Our Price Free
Our Memorial Features Write your loved one's life story, express your thoughts on their passing, announce the time and place of an event.
Share your Online Memorial Share stories, poems and memories with family and friends, where visitors can express condolences and tributes.
Offer Condolences Allow visitors to express their feelings, pay tribute to the departed, share their grief, and offer condolences to the family.
Memorial Address Have a simple unique web address for your online memorial (For example - JohnSmith. Remembered. com)
Create an Online Memorial Albums Share your memorial gallery with visitors, friends, and family as a slideshow. Guests can leave comments and add photos.
Social Networking Features Social networking features that include connectivity to friends and family around the world via Email invites and Facebook.
Memorial Hosting Access to your memorial 24/7/365 via dedicated world-class hosting.
Share Photos Have up to 100 compressed photos to share in the online gallery that your guests can download at any time.
Online Memorial Videos Upload and Share Videos with friends and family.
Memorial Photos Have UNLIMITED non-compressed photos to share in the online gallery that your guests can download at any time.
Private Online Memorial Have a private memorial for invitation-only guests
Legacy Memorial Video Legacy Memorial Video

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